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Are the files encrypted?

No. Any file you share is available publicly, without encryption, using the unique URL. If you need end-to-end encryption try

How long will my file be available?

Any file you share will be deleted after a time based on the file size. The time to deletion is scaled so that 1 GB file will be deleted after 30 minutes.

Can I share a file using the terminal?

Yes. If you are familiar with curl you can use that to directly upload and download content.

Upload a file

$ curl -L --progress --upload-file test.txt http://localhost:8002

Or, use this .bashrc/.zshrc shortcut:

alias share='f() { curl --progress-bar --upload-file "$1" | tee /dev/null; echo };f'

Download a file

$ curl http://localhost:8002/patient-gecko/test.txt


$ wget --content-disposition http://localhost:8002/patient-gecko

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Max file size: 500 MB

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